About Parliament Watch Program

Parliament Watch is one of the integral programs of FEFA, and aims to foster a parliament that is open to the public, functions transparently, and is accountable. It does this by providing accurate, objective and current reports on all activities of Afghanistan's parliament. The parliament watch program was started by FEFA in 2012 with the aim of providing accurate reports on parliamentiary activities to the Afghan public. Parliament Watch's website is set up to make the generated information available to a wider audience. Currently, Parliament Watch is the only source for this type of information in Afghanistan.

The Main Activities of the Parliament Watch Department are as follow:

Parliament Observation

The parliament watch department of FEFA regularly monitor the plenary and committee sessions of both houses of the National Assembly of Afghanistan.


The parliament watch department analyses its monitoring findings and publish them in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Town-Hall Meetings

The parliament watch department of FEFA holds town-hall meetings in provinces to identify acute problems of provinces and recommendd solutions for them.

Round Tables

The parliament watch department holds round table discussion at the end of each legislative sessions of parliament to discuss its monitoring findings.


Surveys are amongst one of the important activities of parliamentary team of FEFA, which are done with parliament members and other relavent institutions.

Policy Papers

We work on policy papers in a technical and systematic approach and submit it to the parliament of Afghanistan to assist them or bring reforms in their work processes.

CSO's Engagement

CSO's and public engagement is an important process of discussing our main findings, finding optimum solutions for the existing issues and making the parliament more accountable to public.

Students Events

We organize informative programs for students of different universities in different provinces to enhance their knowledge and understanding of main parliament activities and responsibilities.

Contact Info

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Phone: +93 (0) 799-310664

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