Policy of Police Duties in Election

Maintaining the security of polling stations in the upcoming presidential election is a major challenge. Security has important role in conducting a fair and free election. FEFA has strived a lot for electoral reforms in the country. Deeming its national and international experiences of observing elections, FEFA drafted a proposal to specify the role of electoral stakeholders in election and presented it to the related institutions. FEFA presented a specific proposal to Ministry of Interior Affairs on (Policy of Ministry of Interior Affairs for the Election). The principle of (role of Police in election) which is mentioned in the Declaration of Principles Proposed by Political Parties and Civil Society Organizations for Election) emphasizes on the impartiality of police during maintaining the security of election process. For implementing the mentioned principle FEFA conducted a session on May 16, 2013with (General Abdul Razaq Sayghany) head of the policy of Ministry of Interior Affairs. At the beginning of the session, head of the Policy of Ministry of Interior Affairs said,” Ministry of interior Affairs has regulated the policy on duties of police during election and has included the proposal of FEFA. The policy is regulated according to the constitution, law on police, and national and international standards to ensure the impartiality of police during electoral stages, not misusing police facilities for benefit of specific groups in election, and to ensure that police functions according to the constitution. (The Department of Control and Observation of the Policies of Ministry of Interior Affairs) has the responsibility of explaining the policy in provincial level and observe its implementation. According to this policy, a joint committee (which is composed of security officials, representatives of CSOs, Ulema Council, and observers of political parties) will be established in each province to evaluate the complaints on police dependency and security threats in election and report to center to take the necessary actions. It worth mentioning that one part of the the policy is allocated for maintaining the security of women_ (candidate women and voter women) in election to adopt necessary action. FEFA appreciates the ministry for approving the policy and thinks that Ministry of Interior Affairs will play an important role in implementing the policy for maintaining the security of election and ensure the impartiality of police during election process.

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