The Advocacy Network for Peace-FEFA Reviewed the US Proposal for Afghan Peace

The National Advocacy Network for Peace conducted a meeting on March 18, 2021 to review the US’s proposal on Afghan peace. The US special envoy for Afghan peace Dr. Zulmai Khalilzad has recently shared the US’s proposal for Afghan peace process with the Afghan government including the High Council for National Reconciliation-HCNR to go through it and incorporate their comments. The HCNR subsequently shared it with FEFA to review it and share its comments on the articles of the proposal with the HCNR. To this end, FEFA conducted a meeting of the National Advocacy Network for Peace where 20 members of the network attended to review the proposal. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Mohammad Omid Noorzai head of Election and Peace Department of FEFA provided information about the proposal and importance of the network members’ comments about article of the proposal and subsequently explained the proposal. The proposal included 3 sections. The first section was titled the instructional principles for the future of Afghanistan. It had mentioned that both parties will agree on some principle to shape the negotiations and base it for the future constitution of Afghanistan. Section one of the proposal had 14 articles and the network commented on 9 articles. It recommended amendment of 5 articles and addition to 4 articles of the proposal. Similiarly, the meeting participants went through section 2 of the proposal which was about transitional government in Afghanistan and political roadmap. This section had 8 parts and included the governance, composition of executive branch, duties of head of state, security, foreign relations, joint committees, the National Assembly, judicial power, High Council for Feq, leading council of the government, structure of the local governance, provincial councils, the new Afghan constitution, and elections. The network had consideration on 5 articles. The network recommended amendment and deletion of some articles. Section 3 of the proposal was about the ceasefire. It included articles about conditions for ceasefire, Overseeing Committee on Ceasefire, and relevant actions. The network members reviewed all parts of the proposal and expressed their comments. FEFA’ noted all the comments and recommendations and after codification and adding those into the proposal officially shared it with HCNR.

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