PRESS RELEASE: FEFA’s Stance on the Recent Conflict between the Parliament and the Government

For urgent release, Kabul 26/11/2020 After introduction of the candidate ministers to the Wolesi Jirga an optimism was created that after several years the culture of superintendence/supervision and escaping the law has been finished and ground for presence of legal ministers in the cabinet has been paved. FEFA welcomed introduction of the candidate ministers to the parliament for securing vote of confidence and presented a proposal to the parliament to ensure transparency and efficiency of the process. FEFA is carefully monitoring the process. It was expected that we will have a legal, efficient and professional cabinet after the voting process finish and the culture of superintendence end. The recent conflict between the parliament and first vice -president concerning corruption in parliament resulted in suspension of giving vote of confidence to the candidate ministers which has severely soared our concerns .in announcement that published from parliament side Mr. Saleh’s allegation been called heeded and careless. A press release issued by the parliament on Tuesday, Mr. Saleh’s remarks were cited irresponsible and the president was requested to fire him from office. The press release also called on Mr. Saleh to present document and evidence to prove his claims. The parliament had stated in the press release that they will not resume the voting process to the candidate ministers until Mr. Saleh prove his claims. Unfortunately, the recent conflict has created a new dismal between the executive and legislative powers which is not in favor of governance and the country. The recent problems must be managed and solved soon. FEFA express its concern on the situation and present the following recommendations as potential solutions for the conflict between the government and parliament: 1. The Afghan constitution as the highest legal document in the country has specified the duties and authorities of all branches of the power. For institutionalizing the democracy in the country, the elective bodies must be strengthened. FEFA calls on both parties to respect the principle of separation of power and refrain from intervening the affairs of each other to work jointly for prosperity of the country. 2. Afghanistan constitution as high juridical document in the country specified all authorities’ frameworks to thrust in democracy in the state as requires electoral foundations being enforced. FEFA calls both side’s concern bilateral respect and power part principals working within constructive reaction approaching state abstruse. 3. The political structure of Afghanistan has specified that if there is any document indicating corruption-including members of parliament- must be preceded through the legal bodies to prevent conflict between the branches of the government. Unfortunately, we can’t ignore that corruption exist in all 3 branches of the government but if the government has document indicating that any member of parliament has hand in corruption must handle it through the legal bodies based on article 101 and 102 of the constitution. 4. FEFA calls on the president as head of state to interfere in the issue and manage the created conflict between the parliament and the first vice-president’s office. The head of state is responsible for preventing from further damage of the separation of powers and political structure of the country. FEFA calls on the president to form a committee to verify the blame one and solve the problem. 5. FEFA calls on both sides, especially parliament, to have patience and refrain from further suspension of the voting process to the candidate ministers. The remaining candidate ministers must have the chance to present their working programs to the representatives of the people. This process must not delay or disrupt due to remarks of people. 6. It is time to end making allegations of corruption to people. The relevant bodies must take legal measures to fight corruption and corrupt people, without considering who the corrupt people are. For this aim all 3 powers of the states must work jointly to achieve the goal. Nobody or organization should be over the law. Contacting FEFA’s Media Department 0702751943 0796534986

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