FEFA's proposal on the challenges faced by women in the presidential election of 2019

FEFA’s advocacy group held its last meeting on 15 October 2019 with the leadership of the Independent election commission (IEC) to share the findings and concerns of this FEFA regarding challenges and problems of women (voters) in 2019 presidential election. Meanwhile, they praised the good management of Election Day by the Commission, strengthening relations and coordination with the Independent Election Commission and on announcement of preliminary results of the presidential election. The meeting was attended by Ms. Hawa Alam Nooristani, Chairperson of IEC, Mr. Sayed Esmatullah Mal, deputy of IEC, Mr. Mosafer Quqandi, Secretary and Commissioner of IEC, and Mr. M. Hanif Danishyar, Commissioner of IEC, Ms.Rahima Zarifi, Commissioner of IEC and Ms. Eveliana, foreign Commissioner for IEC headquarters. First, Lady Hawa Alam Nooristani, Head of the Independent Election Commission welcomed the group members, added that the role of civil society organizations, public oversight bodies in conducting the 2019 presidential election was significant, and we are fortunately seeing progress every day. Currently the activity is rapidly in progress on the primary results so that in accordance with predetermined schedule, the elected President of the country to be declared. She added that was worthy to appreciate support of FEFA that time to time helped the Commission with their reasonable initiatives. Than the FEFA member said that FEFA‘s advocacy groups, alongside the work to strengthen the political participation of women and youth, have also had Volunteer activities. In her remarks, she added that the group has been working to increase women's participation in various sectors, particularly elections. She added that, unlike other institutions that have always criticized, FEFA came to appreciate the good management of Election Day by the leadership of the IEC. Because despite false beliefs, women have proven to possess superb-management abilities. She added that discussion that we recently had in FEFA in a meeting, we have worked on pathology of 2019 presidential election in which we found that, unfortunately, the challenges and problems of women (voters) are not much different from the previous elections as has occurred repeatedly. And day by day the challenges increased. It is time to know what the Commission can do in this regard and what the FEFA as a civil society institution can do.

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