Ministry of Interior Affairs: There is no security problems for holding districts councils election

FEFA held its eighth advocacy meeting for declaration of substantive principles of electoral reform with head of foreign relation department of Ministry of Interior Affairs. The representatives of political parties and civil society organizations also attended this meeting to discuss the declaration and roles of Ministry of Interior Affairs in election. At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Naim Asghari, programs manager of FEFA, thanked Ministry of Interior Affairs for organizing the meeting and presented information importance of electoral reforms and FEFA attempts in this regard. He also talked on the role of Ministry of Interior Affairs in upcoming elections, specifically in district council elections. Subsequently, Mr. Abdul Muqim Abdul Rahimzai, head of foreign relation department of Ministry of Interior Affairs thanked FEFA and the electoral reform joint working group for their attempts toward electoral reform and said, “Maintaining the security of national processes including election and electoral campaign is the duty of national police of Afghanistan and therefore Ministry of Interior Affairs attempt to maintain the security of such processes. “ Mr. Abdul Rahimzai pointed out the following measures taken by Minitry of Interior Affairs for maintaining the security of electoral process: 1- Maintaining security of election: Ministry of Interior Affairs formed an authorized commission to identify the security challenges and adopt the necessary measures to maintain the security of 2014 election. Fortunatly, this commission succedded to maintain the security of 2014 election. Therfore, Ministry of Interior Affairs will form such commission in future too to maintain the security of election based on insurgents new war tactics. 2- Police presence: currently, the Afghan police exist in 364 districts of Afghanistan; 3- Female police: Ministry of Interior Affairs plan to employe 10,000 female police. Currently, there are 4000 to 4500 female police aming police forces; 4- Security threats: six districts are under high threats and 9 districts are under medium level threats but these rates are changing. Ministry of Interior Affairs has specific programs for the districts which are under high security threats. 5- In view of Ministry of Interior Affairs, there is no security problems for holding districts council election; 6- In previous election, Ministry of Interior Affairs employed some women as police for maintaining security of female polling stations.

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