Survey on peace and election from the perspective of representatives of the National Assembly

In this survey we examined the views and stance of the National Assembly representatives on two important and crucial issues of peace with the Taliban and the holding of presidential elections. The main focus of this study was to prioritize two important issues that should be addressed and prioritized in the case of conflict. In general, as stated above, the majority of the House of Representatives is the main supporter of democracy and the values of the republican system. The overwhelming majority of MPs back the election, but are also concerned about the challenges ahead. Everyone wants elections, but insists that all civil society organizations and election teams/tickets must be mobilized effectively using biometric technology to prevent fraud. Regarding peace, most of the MPs are eager to support the peace process, but they do not want to undermine the democratic values and political system of the republic. The democratic tendencies of the MPs are very positive and promising. Our first question to the National Assembly representatives was about the possibility of holding the presidential election, which is to be held on October 18th of this year. So we asked the Members of Parliament whether they thought the elections would take place at the appointed time. Most survey participants were optimistic about the likelihood of elections. As it can be seen in the following figure, 59% answered positive /yes to our question. However, 41% of MPs were skeptical of the election. One of our main concerns undoubtedly is the integrity and inclusiveness of the forthcoming elections, as all citizens of the country are feared, given the bitter experience of corruption and fraud in past elections, including the 2014 presidential election and the 2018 parliamentary election, are susceptible to widespread fraud and corruption in the electoral process. And the crisis of the consequences and the rejection of election results by the losing teams. So our next and most important question was whether members of the National Assembly had a positive or negative opinion about the integrity and inclusiveness of the presidential election. We asked them to choose one of two options: "Sound and valid “and " unsound and Invalid". Representatives disagree on the integrity, fairness and inclusiveness of the elections, and among the 55% of respondents, the forthcoming election is likely to be full of fraud.

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