FEFA held a town-hall meeting in Parwan province

The Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) conducted a meeting in the province of Parwan entitled (Provincial Town Hall Meeting ) this meeting was held in the provincial capital of Parwan, city of Charikar by parliamentary monitoring section of FEFA on the 03 September of the 2019 and these meetings are aimed to raise public confidence in the elected institutions and their representatives in the center and provinces and the meetings between delegates and clients entitled An open and accountable parliament, the manifestation the will of the nation” so that the people or clients can share their problems, suggestions, comments and their legitimate demands in an open and intimate space, face to face with their representatives and then the representatives of people may require the government to address the problems. In this meeting, the elected delegate of Parwan province in the Wolesi Jirga, Mr. Zahir Salangi , representative provincial council Mr. Bahauddin Jilani head of the provincial council of Parwan province, Ms. Hossey Bayani member of Parwan provincial council , Alhaj Mohammd javid Hanafi head of religious scholar’s council of Parwan province, head of the Youth union of Parwan province elders, members of civil society Parwan sisters were present on the existing and acute problems of Parwan have been discussed. Participants of the Town Hall meeting in the city of Parwan have discussed the issues listed in the agenda of the meeting , the topics discussed are problems in health care sector, education, lack of access to drinking water and a lack of electricity in Parwan province, which at the beginning of the meeting initially the Participants forwarded their questions, suggestions, and their views on the above problems . 1. Problems mentioned by the participants in the field of health of Parwan province. Health is a valuable trophy in every person's life, which, due to some environmental factors, human health is caused problems, and there is the indisputable right or every citizens of every society to be provided with health care services at the time of need, but the participants of Town hall meeting in City of Parwan complained of lack of proper health care services.

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