Roun-table on conflict of powers

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) monitors the plenary and committee sessions of National Assembly of Afghanistan to inform citizens from progresses made in parliament. Therefore, FEFA held a round-table in Kabul on December 26, 2016 where members of parliament, representatives of political parties, civil society organizations, university lecturers, lawyers and government representatives attended to discuss conflict of three branches of power which led to disqualification of 7 ministers of cabinet due to expenditure of less than 50% of their ministerial development budget. Ministers’ interpolation and disqualification by Wolesi Jirga faced criticisms of cabinet and the president. The presidency requested the Supreme Court to interpret the provisions of Constitution and find out whether the disqualification of these 7 ministers was justifiable or not. At the same time, the disqualified ministers were ordered to continue their work until the Supreme Court make decision. At the beginning of the program, Mr. Haseeb Motaref, coordinator of parliamentary monitoring program of FEFA the objective of parliamentary monitoring program is to increase transparency, reporting citizens from activities of parliament and building relation between constituents and their representatives in parliament. Then, Mr. Ghulam Hussain Naseri, member of Wolesi Jirga said, “Based on article 60 of the Constitution, the president is head of all three branches of power and political system of Afghanistan is presidential. We don’t have problem in political structure of Afghanistan but there is problem in misuse of authorities which is against the law. The powers are separated properly in Afghanistan.” Then, Mr. Manaqi, lecturer at Kateb University, said, “There is conflict of power in political system of Afghanistan. The reason behind this conflict is lack of awareness from legislative documents.” Mr. Riazat, representative of Ministry of Justice, said, “The sources of this problem is lack of awareness from legislative documents and laws. Due to lack of system the ministries haven’t been able to spend their ministerial development budget. When the ministers haven’t appeared in Wolesi Jirga, how the house gave vote of lack of confidence to them and disqualified them.” He added that parliamentary groups pave the ground for corruption.

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