Consultative Program on Peace and Election in Nangarhar province

The Free and Fair Elections Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) set up a program in Jalalabad the capital of Nangarhar province, following its consultative meetings on peace and elections. The purpose of the meeting was to get the views and concerns of different segments of the country, including political parties, civil society religious, scholars and spiritual figures, women and youth, and to share their views and concerns in a peace process. The participants included 30 representatives of political parties, members of civil society organizations, scholars and spiritual figures, women and youth. The session began with a recitation of verses from Holly Quran and then a presentation on the Colombian War and Peace Process has been presented. The aim was to share Colombia's experience of war and peace in order to model its experience in the Afghan peace and war process and the factors leading to the closure of the peace process. Then, there were discussions in three groups of 10, each with the pre-designed questions. Subsequently, each group was given the opportunity to respond and summarize, and exchange the information, ideas and criticism with other Participants. The answers and final summary, including a pre-prepared form, and the flow of discussions, have been written. While presenting their views, participants of the program emphasized on the importance of securing peace and ending the bloodshed in the country, adding that our people have been suffering the bitter war since many years and have seen their loved ones lost. They added that the people of Nangarhar are supporting the peace process and calling for peace in the country. The program participants stated that there is no problem in advancing the peace process and the elections simultaneously, and that both processes are for the good of the country and the people. The main points raised by the meeting participants were as follows: 1. Ending the war and securing the will of every informed citizen, and with the understanding of Afghanistan, we support a peace process;

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