Ministry of Justice: Mixed Electoral System Helps Strengthen the Political Parties

Kabul- FEFA and the Electoral Reform Advocacy Group held its tenth advocacy meeting for electoral reform, with Mr. Sayed Mohammad Hashemi, the administrative deputy minister of Justice. At the beginning of the meeting the programs manager of FEFA, Mr. Naim Asghari, thanked Ministry of Justice for organizing this meeting and presented information on FEFA’s proceedings toward electoral reform process. Mr. Asghari talked on the role of Ministry of Justice in strengthening political parties. He said that Ministry of Justice has a critical role in strengthening the role of political parties in democratic processes. Mr. Asghari urged the Administrative Deputy Minister of Justice to present information regarding the registered political parties in the country. He also asked the deputy Minister to express its stance on the electoral system proposed by the Special Electoral Reform Commission. The Deputy Minister of Justice welcomed members of the Electoral Reform Advocacy Group and thanked FEFA’s efforts toward electoral reform. He said, “The role of political parties is very important in strengthening democracy. Ministry of Justice had registered 57 political parties but 11 of them didn’t have the criteria mentioned in the law on the political parties therefore these 11 political parties were annulled.” He added that there are high and illogical criteria for political parties in the law on the political parties. One of the criteria mentioned in the law on political parties for political parties is having of office in 22 provinces of the country. Mr. Hashemi also said, “The mixed electoral system is better than the multi-dimensional electoral system and can help strengthen political parties and their role in election. Ministry of Justice has critical role in drafting the law on the political parties.” Then, he pointed out some internal problems of Ministry of Justice and said there is still some problems in Ministry of Justice system, staff and proceedings. He finally, urged FEFA to hold regular meetings with Ministry of Justice and have its role in betterment of the law on the political parties. At the end of the meeting, the programs manager of FEFA thanked the Administrative Deputy Minister of Justice for presenting information and announced FEFA’s readiness for elaborating with the Ministry of Justice.

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