Electronic ID card Issuance Office: Issuance of Electronic ID Cards 90% decrease Electoral Frauds

Kabul-Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA)-Electoral Reform Advocacy Group held their eleventh advocacy meeting for electoral reform with director of E-ID Cards Issuance Office (Hamayoun Mohtat) and Technical Deputy Director of E-ID Cards Issuance Office (Gul Mohammad Ahmadzai. The representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and media also attended this meeting to exchange views on issuance of electronic ID cards. At the beginning of the session, FEFA’s programs manager and media officer presented information on importance of electoral reform, FEFA’s efforts in this regard and the role of electronic ID cards in transparency and intactness of upcoming district council elections. Then, they urged the officials of E-ID cards Office to present information regarding their recent proceedings and their plans for starting the issuance of E-ID cards. Then, the technical deputy director of E-ID Card Issuence Office thanked FEFA and the members of Electoral Reform Advocacy Group for their proceedings toward electoral reform and encouraged the CSOs and political parties to support commencement of issueing E-ID cards. He added that E-ID cards are infrastracture of rule of law and base of good governance. He also said, “The E-ID Cards Issuence Office does not have any technical problems in issueing E-ID cards and is able to prepare the list of eligible voters for Election Commission.” He said that the E-ID Cards Issuence Office can’t commence and complete the issuece of E-ID cards until upcoming district council elections therefore they can’t elaborate with electoral institutions in upcoming district council election. He then added, “If the government solve the political problems, we are ready to commence the issuence process of E-ID cards as soon as possible.” According him, the E-ID Cards Issuence Office has held several meeting with Election Commission and assured the Election Commission that they will fully cooperate with the Election Commission for holding a free and fair election. The officials of E-ID Cards Issuence Office promised FEFA that their cooperation in election process can 90% decrease the level of electoral frauds.

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