Kandahar electoral stakeholders forum

FEFA held the second round of Kandahar Electoral Stakeholders Forum on Tuesday Oct. 2, 2018 at independent Human Rights Commission Conference Hall. There were 20 participants in the Forum of which 5 were women. The program officially begun by FEFA project manager Niaz Mohammad Mandozai. He introduced the Electoral forum and gave insights of the program to the participants. The program participants were IEC representative, representative of Kandahar Police Office, representatives of Kandahar Provincial Council, representative of Kandahar Security Office, Civil Society activists, Kandahar Women affairs Department representative, Women and youth activists, Parliamentary Election Nominees and representatives of political parties. The purpose of the program was to validate the electoral process. Participants at the Human Rights Office talked on electoral issues. Presenters have also made specific suggestions to share with the Independent Election Commission’s main office in Kabul and find solutions for them. Deputy Governor of Kandahar province Mr. Agha Lali Dastgeri said that we are trying to coordinate between the relevant electoral authorities to support the electoral process, and the decisive orders have been given to the government departments to refrain from any form of state-owned in the field of elections. He also asked the FEFA office to oversee and monitor all polling stations in order to validate the electoral process, but also added that the only watching organization that can ensure transparency in election is FEFA. And he also asked members and authorities to support the electoral process. Mohammad Haron the Deputy Commissioner for Operations of IEC provincial office, announced at a meeting that all sensitive materials and insensitive materials had been transferred to Kandahar's office and that he talked with the security authorities in the transfer of sensitive and insensitive materials to the polling centers before the election day. From the women's affairs department, Mrs. Roghayeh Achekzai, said that we had close cooperation with the two Election Commissions and the Security Office in the electoral process, and introduced 400 women to the electoral commissions and the Kandahar police office as employees.

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