FEFA's stand on parliament's deadlock related to the selection of Lower House speaker

Due to the numerous controversies in connection with the results of the parliamentary election, the 17th term of the parliament has eventually been inaugurated on April 26, with more than two months of delay. In order to compensate the two-month delay, this term of parliament was expected to immediately start working and, after electing the administrative board and its commissions, to classify their priorities and address the problems of the country and the people and carry out their own tasks, but now that One month after the grand opening of this term parliament, this important pillar of the three powers of the system has sunk into the internal impasse caused by the selection of chairperson, which, given the current situation, does not seem to end so soon. Unfortunately, this assembly has not managed to put an end to the crisis caused due to selection of the chairpersons in the past 17 sessions. What is happening today in the Afghan parliament is unfortunate, and has created a very negative image of this institution in the minds of the people. According to FEFA findings, the 17th legislature is younger in terms of age and is in a higher position both in terms of educational level. It was expected that this term of the parliament will present a new chapter in the new Afghanistan by ignoring Narrow-minded ethnic, azimuth and political point of view. Since the beginning of the 17th term of the National Assembly, FEFA regularly observes the meetings of both chambers of parliament and is closely monitoring what has been going on in the House of Representatives ever since. The findings of the Institute indicates that there are several factors involved in the creation and continuation of the crisis caused due to selection chairperson. But what is more regrettable is the consequence of the current situation, which, on the one hand, has damaged the, the credibility and dignity of the national Assembly, and, on the other hand, has actually crippled one of the powers of the regime. While there are now many problems in government and most ministries are headed by acting officials, the Afghan parliament has no control over the performance of the government due to the collapse in the crisis of internal disputes. Overtly, the continuation of this situation has paved the way itself for further continuation of the crisis and has made the "House of the Nation" virtually incapable of solving its internal problems. Moreover, the current ambiguous status of the parliament can affect the presidential election - which is scheduled to take place in the next three months - both in terms of the level of voter participation and the acceptance of its outcome and its aftermath.

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