Press release related to the concerns of FEFA over the undue prolongation of the post election day phases of the electoral process.

Considering the importance and sensitivity of the post-election process, the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) has been concerned about, the prolongation of the process, while the lack of coordination between the electoral commissions, the lack of providing the necessary awareness and clarity by the electoral commissions, the lack of sharing information to a number of candidates’ observers - Particularly nomadic (KOCHI) candidates – in the votes recounting or inspection of votes and allegations of about manipulation of votes in the National Tally Center (NTC). In addition to that, FEFA expresses its concerns regarding the failure of supplementary process of the biometric system, which fails to identify the repeated votes and the separation of clean votes from the fraudulent votes. While FEFA welcomes the efforts of the Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to ensure election justice and ensure the legitimacy of the process in a number of provinces, it nevertheless expresses its concern over the pressure and influence of the powerbrokers and the government on the work of the provincial commissions of the Electoral Complaints Commission. FEFA welcomes the decision of the IEC to recount the votes of Kabul and a number of other provinces and considers it a good step towards transparency and justice, but some of the changes made at the central and provincial headquarters of the commission in the lack of a clear mechanism for stakeholders is questionable. FEFA remains concerned about the prolongation of 2018 post- parliamentary elections process and its adverse effects over the presidential calendar of the year 2019. Meanwhile, FEFA also monitors the activities of politicians inside and outside the system, which considers the progress made in some cases, to be contrary to the rules of the game in accordance with the rules and principles of free and fair elections. The early campaigns and the abuse of government resources and authority is an explicit electoral violation. Election team formation should be relevant to the constitutional provisions. Whenever candidates want to form an inclusive Election team, they can introduce it as part of their work plans.

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