Press Release regarding FEFA's observational findings of 2018 parliamentary election

First of all, we thank the citizens of Afghanistan, the observers and the media. The wise and committed citizens of the country had a widespread presence in the election despite security threats and operational shortcomings to vote in favor of democracy and lawful government. The vast public participation is a sign of political growth and development in the country and good news for the future of this land. The fate of democracy depends on active people’s contribution in big decision making processes in the country. We are also grateful to the brave and devoted security forces. For the first time, the national security forces have ensured the security of the polling centers in the absence of the international security forces. Despite the extensive efforts of terrorist groups and their supporters, the security situation was good and the ability and commitment of the security forces have created hope among the people. We pray for the martyrs’ souls from yesterday’s incidents to rest in peace and wish a speedy recovery for the wounded. We appreciate and thank the FEFA volunteer observers and colleagues, all other observers, civil organization, political parties, and groups who have taken actions to ensure the transparency and integrity of the election. With all the difficulties and limitations, they have monitored the voting process and accurately and thoroughly recorded and reported the deficiencies, violations, and electoral fraud. The role of the people, security forces and civil society groups is both a symbol of democracy and its necessity. We hope that the culture of political participation that has been displayed in the yesterday’s and today’s elections helps raise the level of prosperity in the country. The second issue depends on IEC and IECC; unfortunately, IEC could not meet the expectations of people and observing institutions. Having minor defects and shortcomings are a natural part of the process but the extent and volume of yesterday's failures which resulted in one-day extension of the voting period, although imaginable, was unexpected and unpredictable.

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