Electoral stakeholders forum in Mazar-e-Sharif

Mazar-e-Sharif forum was held on Wednesday July 11, 2018. There were 36 participants from IEC and ECC local office, Civil Society activists, representatives of political parties, legal advisor to Balkh Governor, Mazar-e-Sharif Police Office, Head of Security and ACRA Afghanistan Civil Registry Authority. The participants talked on election process, voter registration, candidates’ nomination, women’s contribution in election process, women’s nomination, ID cards distribution, sticker installation furthermore, the participants discussed on couple of concerns. They shared their concerns about the security of the electoral process in Mazar-e-Sharif, mismanagement at IEC office in terms of decision making and poor accountability. The forum begun with recitation of Holy Quran and officially initiated by Mr. Farid Afghanzai legal advisor of FEFA. He introduced the whole program, welcomed the participants and give insights of the program. Mr. Waheed Ayobi Governor Legal Analyst spoke about the cooperation and activities of governor of Balkh province with IEC. He said that the local government in Balkh has helped the electoral process, ID card distribution, sticker installation and voter registration. The team conducted weekly meetings and discussed on electoral process and the challenges that threats the process. The local government of Mazar-e-Sharif did its best to assist the election process. The IEC acting manager Mr. Abdul Wali Hotak spoke about the five election process. He firstly talked about the voter registration process. The process begun in 25 Hamal and was done through three phases. The first phase was in cities which there were 50 registration center and in each center there were 7 employees. The second phase begun in 25 Sawr in districts. There were 136 registration center in Balkh province and the process ended in 17 Jawza. The third phase begun in 19 Jawza and ended in 17 Saratan. This phase was in villages. Throughout this process, 238184 male and 188966 females and 4983 nomads officially registered for election. He also talked about the candidates’ nomination. Through this, 90 people registered for parliamentary election that contains 65 male and 23 female candidates and two of them were terminated due to the ID card problem.

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