The fifth coordination meeting of 2018 between election stakeholders and election relevant organizations

The Free and Fair Election Organization of Afghanistan (FEFA) hosted the fifth coordination meeting between the election stakeholders and election relevant organizations on August 6, 2018. The meeting aimed at strengthening coordination between election stakeholders and relevant organizations. The representatives of 20 institutions such as the Independent Election Commission, the Electoral Complaints Commission, the Ministry of Women's Affairs, the National Institutes of Democracy and civil society organizations and civil society organizations attended the meeting to exchange view on agenda of the meeting. It is worth mentioning that representative of the Ministry of Interior Affairs didn’t attend the meeting however he was invited to appear and provide information regarding the plans and programs of Ministry of Interior Affairs. Meanwhile, the representative of the Central Civil Registration Authority and the representative of Independent Directorate of local Governance, did not attend the above meeting, due to problems, including the representative of the Central Civil Registration Authority , have Provided answers to the questions related to that Office, by sending an email to us. Initially, Engineer Asghari, Program manager of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan Organization (FEFA) besides welcoming the participants, outlined the goals and objectives of the meeting, and asked participants to provide their knowledge of recent activities within their respective responsibilities. According to bullets of the agenda of the session, the first speaker of the meeting, Dr. Rafiullah Bidar, the commissioner of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), provided information on the issues related to the Election Commission. Mr. Bidar thanked the Free and Fair Election Organization of Afghanistan (FEFA) for organizing and conducting coordination meetings between the relevant electoral bodies and responded as follows: Regarding the status of the election in Ghazni province it worth mentioning that, on the one hand, according to the existence of ethnic composition, in the last election, approximately eight to nine members of the House of Representatives from Ghazni province came from the same tribe to the House of Representatives who could not generally represent and the people of Ghazni province.

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