The fourth coordination meeting of 2018

FEFA hosted the fourth coordination meeting among the election stakeholders on June 27, 2018. The meeting aimed at improving coordination and cooperation among the election stakeholders. The representatives of 12 relevant organizations to election including the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission, the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, Ministry of Women Affairs, the Central Statistics Organization, National Democratic Institute and the civil society organizations attended this meeting to exchange views about improving coordination and cooperation among the election stakeholders. The representatives of Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Independent Election Commission were contacted to attend the meeting but they didn’t appear. Similarly, representative of the Population Status Registration Department contacted the facilitator of the meeting and stated that he is unable to attend the meeting. Mr. Rahmatullah Salehi, Election Officer of FEFA, thanked the participants for attending the meeting and explained the agenda and objectives of the meetings. He called on the participants to provide detailed information regarding their activities relevant to the election. Then, Mr. Alireza Rohani, a member of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), thanked FEFA for organizing the meeting and said, “Given the law, the initial body for handling the electoral complaints is provincial offices of IECC but in case the decisions made by the provincial offices are not acceptable for the complainants then they can record their complaints in central office of the IECC.” He added that IECC HQ handles the following complaints as well: • The complicated cases which obligate the IECC to handle them in its HQ. • When the provincial offices of IECC are not active. He added that the IECC had to take preparation for handling the complaints on candidates’ preliminary lists in 3 levels: 1. The IECC had to develop procedures for handling the complaints on candidates’ preliminary list and take preparation to address the complaints accurately. 2. The secretariat of provincial offices of IECC must have been active to receive the complaints and submit them to the commissioners. 3. The provincial offices must have been activated.

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