Joint press release of election alliance group for transparency of election

Kabul – The Alliance of Election Observer Groups for Transparency of Elections is made up of the election expert watchdog organizations which advocacy for electoral justice. Taking into consideration the need for joint work to assure transparency of the forthcoming parliamentary and district council elections, the election observer groups decided to establish the Alliance of Election Observer Groups for Transparency of Elections with the aim to track the status and developments made towards conducting the forthcoming elections and regularly share its findings along with recommendations with the relevant bodies. The election watchdog organizations (The Alliance of Election Observer Groups for Transparency of Elections) express their concerns regarding the attempts made by the supporters of political parties to close the doors of provincial offices of the Independent Election Commission. The attempts negatively impinge upon the preparations and directly threaten the polling date. Additionally, the alliance expresses its concerns over the slowness of the preparations taken for the proper management of the voting and counting day, delay in recruitment and training of temporary staffs who will be assigned to manage the polling centers and stations, the lack of accountability of IEC about its performance and sensitive electoral materials, distrusts and discordance in the leadership and the secretariat of IEC, inability to finalize the numbers of polling centers and stations based on the results of security assessments and recent statistics of population, the murder of some candidates and further deterioration of the security situation on the threshold of election unprofessional behavior of the relevant institutions toward electoral cases, symbolizing the role of election observation organizations and lack of program to on regulating effective observation of political parties, candidates’ agents and election observation organizations, commencement of premature electoral campaign by a number of candidates and lack of action by the relevant bodies to prevent them, lack of building join capacity between the Civil Population Registration Authority and the Independent Election Commission in order to review the cases which effect on credibility of voters list, lack of holding effective awareness programs, and issuance of unnecessary decrees in presence of law and legal institutions.

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