The second coordination meeting of 2018 with election stakeholders

The Election Department of Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) hosted the second coordination meeting between election stakeholders. The objective of this meeting was strengthening coordination between election stakeholders and exchanging views about the improvement of electoral stages. The representatives of the Independent Election Commission and the Central Civil Registration Authority were demanded to present detailed information about the number of people who have registered to vote and the challenges before issuance of national ID card for eligible citizens. The participants of this meeting were the admin & finance deputy of secretariat of IEC, authorized representatives of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commissions, authorized representative of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, head of public relation of the Central Civil Registration Authority, representatives of civil society organizations relevant to election and representative of National Democratic Institute. The election manager of FEFA began the meeting and requested the representatives IECC, ACCA, and IDLG to provide information regarding their work plans. The representative of IECC provided information regarding the recent recruitments in IECC. “The IECC has commenced receiving the application for the 25 vacant position of program officer, 23 vacant positions of admin & finance officer, and 23 vacant positions of M&E officer,” he said. “The shortlisting process of eligible applicants for the written test and subsequently interview will commence next week.” He then talked about 373 recorded complaints regarding assessment and verification of polling centres and said only 19 of them were justifying. FEFA demanded him to provide information regarding the decrement of voter registration centres in Khost and Dushi. Then he said that he will complete his information regarding the decrement of voter registration centres in mentioned districts and share the reasons with FEFA. FEFA handed over a copy of the document indicating decrement of voter registration centres in the mentioned district to the representative of IECC to investigate about it. According to the representative of IECC, the IECC has developed a guideline on addressing and handling the complaints on voter registration process. The guideline is available in IECC website.

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