Unedited transcript of remarks delivered by Mr. Nader Nadery, FEFA's Chairperson

AUGUST 22, 2009 PRESS CONFERENCE 9:10 AM, LOBBY ROOM OF THE INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, KABUL Nader Nadery: In the name of God. Good morning. We are starting late as some of your colleagues {media} informed us that they are on their way here. Just to clarify, the next press conference (EUOEM) is at 10:00 am. Today is the first day of Ramadan, and it can be assumed that they will not start before we finish. We are not going to have an English briefing, but can answer questions in English if there are any. Today we will elaborate on our findings about the electoral process in total; about the good and the bad of it, about the administrative issues involved that need attention, procedural and legal issues that require concern, today we will discuss these issues. Before we dive into the talk about our findings, I wanted to briefly explain our observation methodology. In total FEFA trained 7368 observers. These are all volunteer observers. They are not paid any salary but their transport and food expenses on Election Day and during the period they are at work. From this group, 400 of them have observed the 2009 electoral process since the outset. These long term observers have been with FEFA during the voter registration period, the campaign period, the Election Day {and will remain with FEFA as the remaining part of the process unfolds.} 6968 individuals joined the 400 long term observers for Election Day observation. Around 2454 of the total number of FEFA observers were female. The {Election Day observation} procedure was designed such that they {FEFA observers} had three reporting forms, each related to the opening, duration, and closing of the polls. Observers documented their findings about the opening, duration and closing of the polls. And during the Election Day, we received—through SMS‐‐reports about the situation as the polls opened and closed. {FEFA observers were trained in reporting via SMS through a pre‐designed and coded template.}

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