One Nation, One Vote, One Vision a Shared Commitment to Improve the Electoral Process in Afghanistan

We, the participants of the“2009 and 2010 Afghan Elections: Conference on Lessons Learned and Future Directions”, call for the improvement and strengthening of our country’s electoral process. In order to better prepare for the 2013 provincial council elections, 2014 presidential elections and 2015 parliamentary elections, we, the participants want the following actions to be taken: 1. Protect the independence of the electoral management bodies – the Independent Electoral Commission, the Electoral Complaints Commission and the Candidate Vetting Commission. 2. Ensure transparency in the conduct of these electoral management bodies, with the aim of enhancing public trust and ensuring justice. 3. Encourage political parties to nominate qualified male and female electoral candidates, transparent reporting of campaign contributions and expenses, and public and comprehensive reporting of the performance of elected representatives. 4. Develop a new identification system based on a national census in order to evaluate the candidates accurately and identify fake voter ID cards. 5. Conduct several elections simultaneously, if possible. 6. I introduce a collaborative tracking system that will show the progress of the preparations, execution and evaluation of elections as well as the performance of the election management bodies, elected institutions and key political actors. 7. Amend articles of the election law to improve electoral transparency. We, the participants of the conference, call upon all branches of the Afghan government – the Executive, the Parliament and the Judiciary – to take steps to provide all the resources and grounds to develop a transparent and accountable electoral system so that the Afghan people, once again, can come to believe in the electoral process. We call upon political leaders, civil society organizations, religious scholars and the media to join us in this commitment to improve Afghanistan’s election process, which is to ultimately strengthen and consolidate the rule of law in the country. This resolution was issued on 20 September 2011 at the “2009 and 2010 Afghan Elections: Conference on Lessons Learned and Future Directions” Held for two days in Kabul. The conference was organized by the Free and Fair Elections Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA), with support from the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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