Warning of CSOs about Frauds in the Upcoming Election

The CSOs of Afghanistan conducted a session on July 30, 2013 to express their concerns on possibility of frauds and violations in the upcoming elections and urged for preventing frauds and violation in the upcoming elections. The CSOs say, preventing the existence of the representative of civil society at the Selection Committee is the beginning of manipulation of election results. Dawood Moradyan, director of Afghan institute for Strategic Studies and a member of civil society said,” efforts are on the way for manipulating the results of upcoming presidential election. Mr. Moradyan said, “If we take a look at the measures taken two or three years ago we see that some are paving the ground for fraud and violation for the upcoming elections. Fraud and violation in the election process means that democratic procedures are implemented apparently but in truth they want to change the results of election for beneficial of mafia groups and intelligence services of the region. After the elected representative of CSOs was not accepted at the Selection Committee, the CSOs conducted a meeting on July 30, 2013 and considered the issue as the beginning of manipulation in election. In an election the CSOs elected Mr. Nader Nadery as their representative at the Selection Committee but the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of ministers Secretariat didn’t accept him. Mr. Moradyan said, “a few weeks ago they were trying to pull out the foreign observers and now pulled out the representative of CSOs from the Selection Committee and in future they will try to silent the media of Afghanistan. Dawood Moradyan urges the CSOs to prevent this action. It is the duty of CSOs to prevent fraud and violation in the elections. The Joint Working Committee of CSOs released a declaration and considered the action of the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat illegal. The Joint Working Committee of CSOs say, article eight of the Law on IEC’s Composition, Duties and competences ensures membership of a representative of CSOs at the Selection Committee of IEC commissioners but the Selection Committee introduced the nominees of IEC to the president without existence of the representative of CSOs.

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