Intermediate Statement of Findings on the Election Campaign

Campaigns for Afghanistan’s Presidential and Provincial Council elections are entering a critical period. The remaining twelve days of the campaign process promises to be tense and full of activities. It is a summit in Afghanistan’s recent history that contestants for public office are seeking peoples’ consent. The cautious enthusiasm exhibited by Afghan people in the campaign process signifies a deep desire for democratic governance as well regard for the free and fairness of the electoral process. FEFA welcomes the announced assurances of Independent Election Commission officials concerning mechanisms in place to guard against electoral fraud. FEFA looks forward to the proper implementation of these mechanisms and of the lessons learned from the voter registration process. As polls near, gaining and maintaining public confidence in the electoral process as well as ensuring the necessary legitimacy for any future government demands proper follow up of reported irregularities during the campaigns and the electoral process in general. FEFA’s observers based in thirty four provinces are working tirelessly with its headquarters staff in Kabul to closely observe and contribute to safeguarding the credibility of the electoral process. The remaining twelve days present a major opportunity to reduce public concerns about the free and fairness of the elections, as well as about the general security environment surrounding it. Irregularity Observed in the Campaign Process In the 17-July to 3-August period, the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan has recorded fifty two (52) violations of either legal statutes or other established rules and regulations governing the campaign process for Afghanistan’s 2009 Presidential and Provincial Council elections. The reported 52 incidents occurred the eighteen (18) day period spanning 17 July 2009 to 3 August 2009. The continuation of these kinds of violations risks undermining public trust in the fairness and credibility of the electoral process. Previously, in our assessment of the first month of the campaign period (June 16-July 16), FEFA recorded a hundred and eleven (111) violations. FEFA shared these findings with the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) and discussed it in several media events. The persistence of these violations is a result of the heated electoral environment as well as the lack of adequate enforcement of related laws and regulations through sanctions or other appropriate means. FEFA stresses that the remaining twelve days in the campaign process present an opportunity to gain public trust in the fairness and credibility of the upcoming elections.

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