Press release on presidential decree rejected by parliament

Kabul- the Special Electoral Reform Commission (SERC) presented its second recommended package on electoral reform to government and officially ended its work. Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) appreciate SERC for developing and presenting the recommended packages on electoral reform and urge the government of Afghanistan to consider and implement the recommendations prepared by SERC. According to the agreement made by two campaign teams regarding the structure of National Unity Government (NUG), the government has to consider and implement the recommendations of SERC. At the moment the recommendations on electoral reforms are on the desk of NUG leaders and therefore FEFA urge the leadership of NUG to execute and implement them. Likewise, FEFA encourage the government to obligate all relevant government institutions to help in implementation of SERC recommendations. FEFA ask the government and Supreme Court to have clear interpretation of article 109th of constitution and action of Wolesi Jirga regarding rejection of presidential decree to make it clear whether parliament has the authority of rejecting the presidential decree in its last working year or not. FEFA expresses its deepest regrets over rejection of presidential decree on amendment of the Law on the Organization, Duties and Authorities of the Electoral Commissions by Wolesi Jirga. Given the current circumstance of the country the decree could play important role in electoral reform process. Unfortunately, the representatives of people in Wolesi Jirga voted against public demand and a process which could strengthen democracy and political stability in the country. Similarly, a few month ago the Committee on Legislative Affairs of Wolesi Jirga amended the law on the Organization, duties and authorities of electoral commissions and introduced it to plenary session of Wolesi Jirga but the MPs criticized on the amendments and said that the amendments are against article 109 of constitution hence the amendments were not put in a vote in plenary session. The action of MPs indicated that MPs do not consider the demand of their constituents on electoral reform and the importance of holding parliamentary election. FEFA urge Meshrano-Jirga of National Assembly to not act like Wolesi Jirga and do not reject the presidential decree on amendment of the Law on the Organization, Duties and Authorities of Electoral Commissions.

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