FEFA's Statement on final result of presidential Election 2014

May 16, 2014, Kabul- Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) welcomes the announcement of final results of presidential elections by the IEC and urges the electoral commissions to take required serious measures to address immediately some of the shortcomings observed in the first round of the elections. FEFA welcomes the announcement of final results of presidential elections by the IEC. Based on the final results announced by IEC and in accordance to the prevision of the constitution and electoral law a runoff will be held among the two frontrunner candidates. The announcement of final results by IEC officially gives an end to the first round of elections. It’s time for IEC to put all its efforts in preparing for conduct of free and fair elections for a second round. These preparations should also include assessment of ballot shortage and sanctioning those of IEC employees that were involved in facilitation of electoral frauds. Elections facing runoff is an electoral principle and an accepted rule by the Afghan constitution. FEFA believes observing this principle and holding a runoff can be deemed efficient in reinforcement of democracy in the country and therefore encourages the electoral commissions to take all necessary measures in timely holding of a free and transparent second round of elections. FEFA as a national observation organization has successfully observed all the stages of the presidential and provincial elections of 5th April, and despite acknowledging the performance of the electoral commissions in the first round it has also observed flaws, irregularities, and violation of the electoral laws and regulations on the commissions’ part. FEFA hopes the electoral commissions will put the hard lessons learned from the first round of the elections in good use and make required corrections to their performances, practices and conducts. Those includes but not limited to, increased transparency in decision making processes and process of tallying, improved communication with public and candidates, enhanced level of Professional audit of questionable votes and proactive investigation of stations about which information is provided to them by observers groups and media.

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