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On May 3rd 2017, the upper house of the parliament (Mishrano Jirga) of Afghanistan appreciated FEFA's key staff who have played a significant role as parliamentary observers and civil society activists throughout the years for their tireless efforts in promoting democratic processes, reporting the daily progress & shortcomings of parliament actively and transparently to public, enhancing public awareness of parliament & it's principle roles, and for making the parliament members accountable to public through round tables, CSO Meetings, town-hall gatherings and etc. At starting, the secretary of the upper house Dr. Mohammad Tayeb Atta said, “FEFA has covered the activities of parliament over the past few years and regularly reported to people to strengthen parliament’s relation with people and increase the level of transparency in parliament. Meanwhile, FEFA has always notified us on the issues existed in the sessions through its published reports and media briefings. He added that, In order to have an exemplary parliament, one that could serve and rebuild this war-torn nation we need impartial partners such as FEFA, therefore the upper house of the parliament (Mishrano Jirga) appreciates the outstanding work and efforts undertaken by FEFA observers & activists, we're grateful to you for your active engagement and transparent reporting in spite of the massive risk & danger towards each one of you. The national assembly and this nation will always remember your great work and sacrifices.” Then, the executive director of FEFA Mohammad Yousuf Rasheed, thanked Meshrano Jirga for appreciating FEFA and said, “FEFA is a national organization which strives to strengthen the democratic processes and structures. We have always tried to report parliament’s performance, achievements and developments to people.” At the end, the secretary of the upper house Dr. Mohammad Tayeb Atta granted certificates of appreciation and admired the below listed staff of FEFA, who have proudly and bravely served their nation as observers and civil society activists for years. 1. Mr. Yousef Rasheed 2. Mr. Naem Asghari 3. Mr. Haseeb Motaref 4. Mr. Shoaib Walizada 5. Mr. Abdul Baqi Rasheed 6. Ms. Huma Sohail 7. Mr. Hamid Dostzada 8. Mrs. Hossai Dawlatzai 9. Ms Rahida Hakim 10. Mr. Hikmat Safi 11. Ms. Sediqa Hosaini 12. Mr. Ehsan Rashidi

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