Advocacy meeting with population census directorate

FEFA held its twelfth advocacy meeting (for electoral reform) with the deputy director of Population Census Directorate. The representatives of political parties, civil society organizations and media also attended this meeting to exchange views on role of Population Census Directorate in election. At the beginning of the meeting, the programs manager of FEFA, Mr. Naim Asghari, presented information on importance of electoral reforms process, FEFA’s efforts in this regard and the role of Population Census Directorate in electoral reform process. He then urged the deputy director of Population Census Directorate to present information on continuity of issuing paper ID cards, the districts that the directorate is active there, the level of coordination among the Population Census Directorate and the E-Tazkira Issuance Office and the role of Population Census Directorate in issuing E-ID cards. Then, the officials of Population Census Directorate said, “The Population Census Directorate has office in 364 districts. Whenever the Population Census Directorate stop its activities in some districts due to insecurity the residents of that district can refer to the neighboring district or center of the province to solve their problems.” He added that the Population Census Directorate performs its activities based on paragraph 4 of article 38 of the census law. The mentioned article states that the Population Census Directorate shall continue issuing paper ID cards until the issuing process of E-ID cards begins. He also added that based on the agreement made with the E-Tazkira Issuance Office, the Population Census Directorate shall verify the identity of citizens and then the E-Tazkira Issuance Office will issue E-Tazkira for them. He said that verifying citizens’ identity is difficult due to lack of data but the Population Census Directorate shall do it. He then said that due to war, insecurity and lack of budget the Population Census Directorate hasn’t been able to issue Tazkira for citizens over the past 40 years and the available data on population of the country is from Daud Khan’s regime. However, the Daud Khan regime hasn’t issued Tazkira for 50% of population of the country since the regime was issuing Tazkira only for those who were working at state institutions. On the other hand some residents of Paktia, Paktika, Kandahar and some districts of Nangarhar province have never received tazkira.

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