Afghanistan’s Analysis on the Amendment of the Electoral Law

In countries where the political system is based on democratic foundations, the electoral law is one of the most important laws. Usually these laws are characterized by provisions in order to lay the ground work to ensure the real and fair representation of people in the system on the one hand and also to practically guarantee the transparency of the election process on the other hand. Thus far in other countries electoral laws are always being reformed in line with consideration of current issues and public participation concerns. Afghanistan is one of those countries that are newly experiencing democracy and it is necessary to seriously monitor legislative reform in this area. The latest action by the government in order to amend the electoral law shows the same intention, but as mentioned above, any sort of measures to introduce reform must be considered seriously in order to achieve the objectives aimed for. FEFA as a national observer organization on elections welcomes any measures that strengthen the credibility of the election process in the country. The organization is also willing to share its position through an analysis on the amendments brought to the Electoral Law (based on decision number (45) dated 24/11/1388 which is ratified by the Ministerial Council and signed by the President) with other national and international organizations working on electoral affairs. It is worth mentioning that the analysis of other issues amended in this law needs more time, but the amendments that can be reviewed urgently in this law are as follows: Over all the language of the law is simpler and more explanation is given on many elements that were briefly mentioned in the previous law. Other elements related to election of provincial councils, village councils and municipalities which were mentioned briefly are better explained in the new law. Also provisions about the interference of governmental organizations did not exist in the previous law and these have now been ben included which is a positive point.

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