Women in Leadership Conference to share the list of 1080 Afghan elite women with government.

Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) convened a conference titled ‘Women in leadership’ to share the list of 1080 Afghan elite women with government. 120 person including representatives of the presidency and chief executive office, MPs, senators, members of the Independent Human Rights Commission, the deputy minister of Women Affairs, representatives of international bodies, activists of women rights and representatives of civil society organizations attended this conference in Inter-continental hotel. Facilitator of the conference explained objectives of the gathering, presented a brief presentation on establishment of working group of Women Political Rights Advocacy Group and preparation of the list. Then, the president and chief executive messages were read and women challenges and problems were discussed by a panel. Panelists: Dr. Habiba Surabi, deputy of High Peace Council; Mrs. Spozhmai Warda, Policy Deputy Minister of Women Affairs; Mrs. Sima Ghani, member of Women Charter; Mrs. Adilla Bahram, advisor to the president on civil society affairs; Mrs. Omaira Saqib, chair and founder of Afghan Women Voice Organization; and Mrs. Parastow Yari, panel facilitator. The Women Political Rights Advocacy Group in cooperation with FEFA assessed position of women in leadership and management level of government bodies and level of women presence in elective or appointive positions in center and provinces and identified the barriers before women Presence in elective and appointive positions. The findings indicate that the relevant bodies haven’t undertaken the necessary measures to resuscitate women rights and increase women political Participation. The group identified the barriers and then held several advocacy meetings to share The findings with relevant bodies. Additionally, the group established a working committee to prepare the list of elite women Afghanistan from 34 provinces and present to leadership of Government. The working committee of Women Political Rights Advocacy Group identified women challenges, specified the provinces and districts where women can work as governor, made a list of universities of Kabul and provinces, prepared a list of donors which work for women rights, and specified the legal documents/sources which support women rights and subsequently made the list of elite Women from 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

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