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The department of monitoring and evaluation in FEFA is one of the core and essential divisions in the overall hierarchy of the organization which is responsible to ensure that all other units & teams are planning their programs based on the predefined objectives and executing them based on a thorough and deliberate set of strategies in order to achieve the optimum outcomes to meet the public and stakeholder’s expectations. The M&E department is dedicated to work closely with the teams in a systematic and routine based approach and assist them to conduct their programs more efficiently. In particular the M&E department assists the teams in the below mentioned phases of an event lifecycle.

Planning Phase

One of the main activities of M&E department is to assist the units during the planning phase to ensure that the teams are working as per the logical framework and following the right direction.

Implementation Phase

During this phase the department closely observes the overall approach of the teams while executing the events and programs and make sure programs are delivered accordingly.

Post Implementation Phase

This phase is important, as the immediate outcome is monitored here and the series of lessons learned is discussed with the teams in written and verbal forms as monitoring feedback. In additions the M&E department also keeps track of the long term results.

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