The Free and Fair Elections Forum of Afghanistan Organization (FEFA) has sought since 2004 to develop and pursue a long-term strategic plan. While FEFA has succeeded in establishing itself as Afghanistan’s premiere national domestic election monitoring organization, the broader democracy and governance agenda has proved more difficult to pursue. Between the elections of 2005 and 2009, the organization was able to implement several initiatives. However, these activities were pursued in an ad hoc manner and were to an extent a response to donors and the purposes for which donor funding was available. Conscious that the grander goal of democracy building requires a longer-term focus and engagement, FEFA secured the support of its international partners – particularly UNDP and NDI – to facilitate the development of a strategic plan in January 2010. At the end of January 2015, FEFA conducted facilitated sessions for staff, to update FEFA’s strategic plan for the next five years (2015-19). In addition, key external partners were engaged for their views on FEFA’s performance as well as elements that should be included in the new strategic plan. With this new strategic plan, FEFA wishes to deepen the gains achieved under the previous plan particularly as relates to such areas as human resource management, program management and monitoring and evaluation.


Vision: A peaceful, democratic and well-governed society where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities for participation.

Our Vision

A peaceful, democratic and well-governed society where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities for participation.

Our Mission

FEFA is a national, independent and impartial institution working through partnerships, citizen participation, good governance and professional programs to enhance transparency and accountability in democratic processes.

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FEFA is strongly committed to promote the implementation of domestic laws comprehensively, enhances transparency in the electoral processes, works to strengthen the electoral mechanisms, monitors parliamentary activities, encourages the participation of women and youth in political-social and cultural processes, focuses on implementation of democratic reforms in the country, conducts academic research...


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