Founder of FEFA

The ex-chairman of FEFA Mr. Nader Nadery has officially resigned from the organization on June 6th 2016 after a decade of substantial work and remarkable achievements.
On June 4th 2016 Mr. Nadery informed FEFA’s board of directors that he shall no longer be available to sustain in his position with FEFA, as he is appointed to lead greater responsibilities in the government as president’s chief advisor in the strategic and public relation affairs.
In consideration of his several extraordinary achievements such as his role in establishment of FEFA, serving tirelessly for over a decade to make FEFA the organization it is today, and honoring his hard work and dedication to the cause of free and democratic Afghanistan and investing a significant portion of his time and energy to guide and lead FEFA to achieve his noble mission and vision, considering the fact that he remains ambassador at large for freedom of expression as an independent voice to protect and promote this fundamental right, and keeping the best interests of the organization on mind, ultimately FEFA’s board of directors came to take a difficult decision of approving his resignation but strongly recommends him to persist in his position as FEFA’s founder.


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